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Haná region embroidery

With our web site we would like to inform you of the history and presence of Haná region embroidery which is still one of the most distinguished attributes of the ethnographic tradition in Haná. This rich and fertile region lies in the very heart of Central Moravia and remains one of the most distinctive ethnographic regions in the Czech Republic. Abundant folk customs, festivals, dance, song and bright folk costumes have kept their place for centuries. The Haná folk costume excels in its beauty, richness and perfect technical design of the embroidery. The following pages will take you through the historical tradition of Haná embroidery, sophisticated embroidering techniques, colourful and shaped ornamental structures and last but not least, they will tell you about the best embroiderer in Haná –Bohumila Burianová from Mořice near Prostějov. We hope that this web site will not only be absorbing reading for you but also an interesting inspiration for long winter evenings.

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